The Jon Cohen Experimental is the brainchild of Montreal musician &
songwriter Jon Cohen. Having been a key member of such diverse and
popular bands as The Dears, The Social Register and many more, Jon
formed his own group in the spring of 2006 as a response to over a decade
of service to the prolific Montreal music scene.

The results were two beautifully crafted albums of which their second, the
apt-titled Behold, was recorded by maverick producer Dave Draves (Julie
Doiron, Jim Bryson, Kathleen Edwards). The album was released in late 2010
to mass-critical appeal and features guest-musicians like Angela Desveaux,
Evan Cranley (Stars, BSS), Liam O’Neil (Stills) and Murray Lightburn (Dears).

Behold garnered massive press and media attention with over one hundred
acclaimed articles, reviews and write-ups printed in North America. It
charted countrywide hitting top spots in some cities. The band was featured
on radio shows like CBC’s The Signal and played top music festivals like Pop
Montreal and Austin’s SXSW. Jon’s buzz band toured the east side of Canada
three times in four months. After that, due to logistical constraints, Cohen
was forced to continue on a mega three-month coast-to-coast tour across
Canada and The United States alone.

Jon met with adversity head-on by completely reinventing himself and his
sound as a solo artist. Arming himself with looper pedals, drum machines,
casio-like keys, a bass guitar and trippy projected visuals, Cohen hit the
cold wintry road in the dead of winter. So began The Pilgrim tour of 2011.

Jon played in fifty cities across Canada and the United States, he traveled on
a Greyhound bus and opened for acts like Mini Mansions (members of
Queens of the Stone Age), The Dropkick Murphy’s and more. The tour was
well documnented in his wildly popular, daily tour blog at http://www.thejcex.com

The new epic sound, best described as a bass heavy, cornucopia of beat-
driven, genre-defying, ethereal pop music is delivered with raw precision. It
is creatively layered and constructed piecemeal. Instrument after
instrument, part after part, Cohen’s tightly-crafted, mood-provoking
melodies offer a unique take on modern alternative music.

With etches of great artists like Andrew Bird, Jon mezmerizingly builds the
music from the ground up. Starting from a solid beat foundation to his
trademark David Gilmour-like lush vocal icing. He fluctuates effortlessly
between musical genre and bakes a lush sonic cake for his audience to
hungrily consume. Add to that insightful lyrical content on modern life,
spirituality and the human condition and you have a fully satiated fan.

Today, with several key shows and festivals circled in his calendar, a third
record in the works (Passion Pilgrim) to be recorded in London ON with
famed producer Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, By Divine Right)
in fall 2011, The Jon Cohen Experimental is ready to showcase this new
metamorphosis to the world.

“..Cohen sounds restrained, comfortable and most importantly, like no one else in the Canadian music scene at
the moment. “ -Daniel Sylvester/ Exclaim!-

“..Behold consists of tight, well-crafted songs. Cohen’s high, cottony-soft vocals tend toward David Gilmour, with
occasional hints of Owen Pallett. His lyrics are surreal and insightful” -Jody McCutcheon/CHARTattack-

“..Cohen’s subdued, moody crooning brings back what the alternative music world lost with the passing of Elliott
Smith.” -Nayasha Young/ The Link-

“De l’orfèvrerie? De bon calibre, même. Si la pop progressive à caractère un peu psychédélique traverse ce
disque de bord en bord, elle le fait d’une manière telle qu’elle réussit à nous donner un sentiment nostalgique
sans jamais devenir passéiste.” -François Lemay/ Bande à Part-

.”.whether he plays it hot or cool, there’s a lot of talent on Behold, and only a fraction of it is in the guest list.”
-Jordan Zivits Montreal Gazette-

“On the group’s second album, Behold, the proggy coexists with the hedonistic, the grandiose with the paranoid,
in a lush, beautiful leafy haze.” -Daniel Levin Beckeré San Francisco Reader-

Discography: Self-Titled LP (2006/Independent)
Behold LP (2010/Independent)
Passion Pilgrim Nashville Demo (2011)

Current Lineup: Jon Cohen: Drums/beats, triggers, vocals, guitars, pianos and keys.

Contact Info: http://www.thejcex.com
for press: http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=158894
(514) 276-7795

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