HOLD THE FIRE (from the  Album -Behold)

PEACE TO PIECES (from the  Album -Behold)

NO MORE VIDEOS JUST TEASERS (from the  Album -Behold)

NIGHTMARE/OVER (from the  Album -Behold)

DONT BE THE CLOUD (from the  Album -Behold)


  1. charliewade · December 26, 2010

    Your music in the Kam Thye Chow / Lotus Palm You Tube video:

    What song(s) is that?


  2. Austin Creen · December 26, 2010

    Cheers, mate, wondering what exactly is “experimental” about your music?

    • thejcex · December 26, 2010

      hmmm, good question!

    • thejcex · December 26, 2010

      if you see the live show you will understand, I build all the music from scratch and deconstruct it afterwards.

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