Neil Young…

August is a strange month. Its a heavy month, being the end of summer it always brings with it a feeling of sadness at the end of our summer frolic and outlook to another year be it for school or work. We work so hard all year and are given a slim window in which to break free of the bonds of labour and either travel roam this beautiful land or stay sedentary and enjoy the many festivals and parties in your town, or just enjoy a nice lemonade on your balcony! August is traditionally a crazy month in term of music as they say most of the biggest Rock and Roll stars dies in this month. Buddy Holly, Curt Kobain, Michael Hutchense,  Gram Parsons and many more. It’s a heavy time, because it’s the end of summer ands in some ways we are a bit worn out from all the summer heat and partying.

I am worn out myself, I feel as if these past months I’ve been wearing too many different masks. It started in late may when I organized my first festival, the one man band festival, then I was thrust into a work contract that took me 2 months of  tour managing for Shakespeare in the park around Montreal. Right after the always amazing Duckstock Festival which I played on a rainy weekend but awesome nonetheless.  Then out of that and right into a heavy wedding season in August (august is also the month of Weddings don’t you know)  with count ’em FOUR back to back weddings from my close friends. For the second, My friend Reisa’s wedding, I played the role of officiator, that is I actually “married” my friends. It was an amazing experience and an amazing ceremony. Out in Ste Marie, north of Ottawa but still in the Quebec side. It was a beautiful spot surrounded by small mountains and horses everywhere. There were a few farms and a golf course nearby they got married outside a beautiful barn and all friends set up a tent city  to stay the weekend.

And what a weekend it was! I wa s so nervous and scared  of the idea of actually doing this, but come the ceremony  was killer. The most beautiful moment of the night. It was a once in a lifetime experience and it mad me closer to everyone then. It really got me thinking that perhaps I should explore the possibilities of serving my community by bringing a spiritual element to their lives, be it meditation, yoga, advice or even Marrying them, if I indeed have something of value to share. I know I certainly try to bring this element into my music, with the ethos that the music I make and perform is intended to uplift and try to create a spark in anyone’s more inner spiritual voice, or an insight  to create a good wholesome feeling of closeness, of feeling that we are exactly where we should be in life and a general feeling of knowing from deep within, that no matter how fucked up things may seem on the outside, deep inside we are all perfect.

I always try or strive to make this music to put people in touch with that feeling. It’s not always easy, obvious or successful, but sometimes on stage when I make that connection with the audience, it’s like a light goes off, an inner light that points to something so subtle, it means something different to everyone.  And at one point in the show, everybody gets on to whats happening and in the flick of a switch we are all on the same wavelength, the same frequency of presence, comfort and happiness, but mostly inner peace. And that’s what I mean by everything being all right, deep inside, these are the foundations of the play of life. Everything Else is just entertainment, just passing through.

Speaking of which, this desire to connect and bring about this feeling in you all is what drives me to get on a bus and tour incessantly as I have been now for the past almost two years now. I feel being a musical messenger is kind of my purpose in life, at least at this stage of my life. Please don’t get me wrong or don’t misconstrue what I’m saying to mean that I think I’m a megalomaniac that thinks he is a saviour or messenger for whatever. It’s the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is that now in my mid thirties, I begin to realise that the best way to help your life, your happiness, your world is to serve some kind of bigger purpose which is intended to HELP OTHERS. Otherwise the whole house of cards crumbles, that’s the system, the law by which reality really functions, not the I Me Mine culture that is thrust upon us by consumer society 24/7 from the day we are born (even before), you have to see beyond that. We are all connected in some way, and that’s not just hippy shit talk, this is fundamental science too, from biology to Quantum Mechanics. We are all connected and sometimes, you cannot wait for a sign form above to tell you what you need to do in life to help serve others, you have to give yourself those tasks based on your abilities and on the kind of person you are.

So as it stands my tasks this fall, is to do two things. To be the best homebody,  the best lover I can be and the best touring musician I can be too. Homebody because my sweetheart Lisa is coming to stay with me in Montreal for the Fall all the way from England, I am super excited to see her!! Even if we will be once again separated for a month, and then it will be to bring you a brand new musical set across Canada! which is meant to move, to inspire, to creat a feeling of belonging  and of course to make you walk away feeling like this show was like no other, this is the spectacle of love, not meant for the artist to show himself off onstage, I’ve done that in the past with past bands, I’ve done that with media, its boring trust me, there has to be a larger purpose otherwise that stuff fizzles out pretty damn quick. There has to be something more,  something deeper that is brough to the table than just flashy clothes and a set of notes strung together by a riff.  If I can even bring that to a few people on this coming tour, then I feel ive done my job, and if not, then I’ll try again, and work harder to make it happen next time, until I do.

Nothing in this life worth getting was ever easily gotten. So having said my piece I’d like to present you with a list of my tour dates for this september. I was toying with the idea of naming this tour. First to peg it as the one man band festival express as I was taking the festival on the road but I decided to drop that because I want to focus on next years festival and not lose that energy in doing so. Also I have been way too busy this summer to put the kind of effort at promoting this festival tour that I felt it deserved to be done right, so if you cant do something right don’t do it at all is my golden rule in this case. Then I thought about making it an extension of the passenger tour, which was started in the uk and europe but that soon fizzled out. So i decided instead of dictating this mega experience and trying to narrow it by naming it, I will leave it wide open and give it carte blanche to name itself. For now it shall remain nameless, lets just call it the September tour for logistical purpose as it will be happening in september, I will leave the day after one of my closest friends’ wedding (the 4th in a month for me!) Thats the life playin’ in a travellin’ one man band!

So without further Adooo, here are the nameless tour’s  September tour dates….!

Ill be touring with JP De Roover another amazing one man act from Thunder Bay, we will do the ontario leg of the tour together then Ill keep moving west. Ill be sharing the bill with amazing acts like,  EJ Brule, Brasstronaut, Dave Parsons and the lovely and rocking Romi Mayes amongst others. If you are in any of these cities or towns, I urge you to come on down and thrash around, dance, be free and merry and treat your souls to a much-needed prison break!! even if just for an hour or two. The venues will be away cds at the door to the first 20 people through as an extra incentive. Can’t wait to see you again Canada! Ill be giving away giving away my  CD “Behold” free to the first 20 people to walk through the door in any of these cities, Im almost done the second pressing ofthis mammoth record which litteraly changed my life and I look forward to turning the page and tackling the next one slated for 2013!!!

I’m Ready for the Country!


3-Sep OTTAWA ON @ The Rainbow w/JPaul De Roover  & Josh Charbot
4-Sep PETERBOROUGH ON@ The Spill w/ Danger Bees
5-Sep TORONTO ON @ The Supermarket (Agency Group Showcase)
6-Sep LONDON ON@ Alex P. Keaton’s  w/JP De Roover
7-Sep BARRIE ON@ The Foxx Lounge w/ Peter Turns Pirate & w/JP De Roover
8-Sep HAMILTON -Infringement Fest @ This Ain’t Hollywood w/ Bloodshot Bill
9-Sep TORONTO ON @ C’est What w/JP De Roover & The Other Colour
11-Sep WINDSOR ON @ The Phog Lounge
12-Sep SUDBURY ON @ The Townehouse
14-Sep THUNDER BAY @ The Study W/JPaul De Roover
15-Sep WINNIPEG MB @ Times Chang’d High-Lonesome Club w/Romi Mayes
16-Sep CLEARWATER MB @ Harvest Moon Festival
17-Sep CALGARY AB @ TBA w Kris Demeanour
18-Sep EDMONTON AB @ Wunderbar
20-Sep VICTORIA @ Fort Street Cafe
21-Sep VICTORIA @ Solstice Cafe w/Dave Roy Parsons
22-Sep VANCOUVER – OlioFest @ The Rickshaw w/Brasstronaut
24-Sep VANCOUVER @ The Railway Club w/ David Roy Parsons
26-Sep PENTICTON@ Voodoo’s w /Blackberry Wood
27-Sep NELSON @ The Royal
28-Sep GOLDEN @ The Taps
29-Sep KELOWNA @ Streaming Cafe (To be recorded for live Broadcast)
3-Oct SUDBURY @ Wiewel House
5-Oct MONTREAL @ La Tour Prisme w/Wind Up Radio Sess/People on Pause