The Police…

There’s a quote by the famous Carl Sagan, which goes “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”. During his heyday in the 1960s, when the US was at (cold) war with Russia, there was a drive for both countries to reach the moon, to explore and establish a technological ‘upper hand’ if you will and to demonstrate to the world a kind of technological supremacy over the enemy, by reaching the yet unexplored outer space. But even though one might say that on a political level, this space race was fueled by a need for some good old-fashioned chest pounding to scare off the opponent, the actual drive to overcome the incredibly difficult obstacles that humans are faced in reaching into the great beyond was not sparked by a desire for war. It was the direct result of the unique ability for humans to dream, to think of tomorrow, to project our existence into a yet undiscovered and uncreated future. Indeed it was our ability to dream that brought us to space. This was the sixties, an era that for some unknown reason exploded on humanity like a supernova of creativity, of fearlessness, of mastery and imagination. We were unafraid of the consequences of our actions, we were thinking of the future.

I often wonder why music was so powerful back then. Was it because it was not separate from all other aspects of life? Was it because people not only identified with their heroes but rather embodied the ideals that these heroes sang and wrote about? Was it because the desire to create art, to spend every waking moment of ones life in crafting it, perfecting it, living it, was not one based on supply and demand, on the promise of wealth, on the cult of personality, on the creation of product, or on the desire for fame?

As I make music, I can’t help but be affected by this decor of disposability, by this pressure to do more, to be more, to write a “hit” song, to be a respected songwriter. Although I only lightly entertain these thoughts and like many other musicians, am guilty of secretly hoping to stroke my ego by writing an album everyone will love. What I really want to do is make music that will encapsulate my experience and that will convey feelings that people can use to their own experience. Music that can re-ignitie people to dream, to find that “something” that has been drained in every aspect of our self obsessed consumer driven society.

That something…is nothing.

dec. 3rd poster lake

Where is the nothing, where is the unknown, where is the uncreated, the space where silence is the sound of order, that is where real creativity lives. That was my approach in creating this new record called passion pilgrim (my 3rd album to date) that I present to you. It was written as a reflexion of my many travels over the past few years and was recorded in a very unique way, using only a series of 4 second looops, all played live by me, and linked together through an ingenious system of loopers, samplers and sequencers. On December 3rd, I , along with new bandmates James Andrew Rosen (ex-Shoot The Moon), Philippe Lachance (Couteau Papillon), and Daniel Kiely (Wind Up Radio Sessions) will be performing excerpts from the record along with a few new songs. In writing the ep, all I had to do was close my eyes, shut my ears and take it in, why…because somewhere, something inside me something was waiting to be known.


 On December 3rd, come to the Passion Pilgrim EP launch at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal (with    immensely talented guests Xania (opening set) and Linda Luttinger doing on canvas live painting to music).

 There is no fee at the door, you pay what you can and my EP will be on sale. We will be on at 10pm .

In other news ,we have been working hard on a video for the song “In Order To Survive” which I think you”gonna love, cause the song is good and the vid is engaging. It was so much fun to shoot. Shot in 2 days all Outremont and the Plateau, the vid includes scenes with plates smashing right beside my head, people dancing on my face and skateboarding through traffic. I can<t wait to shoot another vid. I can”t wait for you to see it too! Check out some pictures of my new york trip, of the video shoot and of the new EP here… CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CD ON ITUNES