The Buggles…

Happy new year y’all! I hope it is igniting some serious life drive and new perspectives.

Although it did for me up to now, I woke up early this morning with an enormous feeling of dread. It was 6 am and -15 degrees outside, 15 cm of now on the ground, cat huddled up near the heater and I couldn’t help to get the feeling of enormous pressure, a feeling that 2015 could prove another one of those major decision making years. So many plans, so many new dreams! There is no shortage of new dreams nowadays.

We made an immensely awesome video for the song “In Order to Survive”. Today we unleash it to the world! It was filmed by Robert Donachie and Edited by Arnaud Lamy. They both did an incredible job on a very low budget and I thank them for their time and devotion. They are both very capable and creative friends and this video shows that. Here it is! (note) YouTube comments are highly appreciated and encouraged!


In the course of the last 3 months I made the major decision to put the One Man Band Festival on hold for this year after much deliberation. I was missing playing music, I was missing touring, and I was missing playing in a band. I was burned out from last 3 years work (volontary of course) on the festival and thought I need to let the grass re-grow on this one and focus on other things even if just for 1 year to feel the love for it again, it<s hard work putting it al together and really frustrating at times too. Part of me feels like I am letting a community down and people in Montreal as well, but the other side says that now I can devote this time to what I do best, make music. And so I have released a new EP this year, Passion Pilgrim, is a compilation of 5 songs recorded on my last tours. The EP contains hypnotic beat-driven tunes with catchy hooks. It was recorded innovatively using 4-second loops and up to eighteen instruments at once. And mixed by Dave Draves (Little Bullhorn, Ottawa, On), mastered by Roger Siebel at SAE Mastering (Phoenix AZ).


We recorded it in 1 day and it contains elements of plate smashing, dancing feet on my head and lots of other psychedelic and psychological elements to get into your subconscious and eventually force you to join a cult (you’ll see what I mean) I especially like the instrument drawing part and singing in my onesies.

So what’s in store for the JCEX in 2015, what’s in store for OMBF 2016? Only time will tell but I believe taking a break will be good for OMBF, we are talking about forming a whole new team and really biting back in 2016, we are talking about some great new OMBs coming to Montreal. So much but until then we need a break!

As for me I’m playing with a band now, some cool people who happen to be great musicians, we had our CD launch on Dec 3rd @ casadelpopolo with the lovely Xania (on tour in Europe now) and it was pretty killer (check the pics out below).

So it being 3am as I write this, I’m lying here thinking about what’s next… For now the plan is to play some shows here and there, Im playing bass with Couteau Papillon which is fun, and they have a  show coming up. The JCEX wil also be playing some summer festivals (check the tour dates) and possibly a tour sometime in late summer if it can be possible, trying to give les expectations to my life and more in the moment stuff (easier said than done)..I have to somehow negotiate all that with the purchase of a new home in the spring which I am really excited and nervous about! Feeling like such a grown up these days (whhaa happened??!)

All these plans and pressures seem really daunting when you think about them all at once, but then again I guess that’s why the passage of time was invented. I hope you all enjoy the Video and New record if you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream or download it HERE. As for all you radical One Man and One Woman Bands who wanna play the fest, get in touch in the early fall for OMBF 2016. We haven’t forgotten you yet!

Happy new year to all you hepcats, keep those chins up and see you on stage!