Martha & the Vandellas…

What a month it’s been! Action Jackson! git yr motor Runnin! I got fire in my feet and smoke in my belly, ants in my pants and lots more where that came from. Summer is upon us and I could barely find the time to sit down amidst this heat wave and write to you to let you know where things are at.

I spent part of the last month at Sled Island Festival an absolutely awesome week filled with music, sun, party and introspection. I had the luxury of staying in a couple of awesome places while there. I ended up couch surfing with two awesome people, one who lived in he suburban sprawl that is the Calgary suburbs. endless urban sprawl each little suburban neighbourhood with its own ecosystem, its own shopping center, its own everything.

Then I moved in closer to the city in a beautiful high rise overlooking the city skyline.  I also decided to do some volunteering while there and got to meet some very interesting and cool people there.  Saw some awesome bands but some that stood out were Jaga Jazzist (from Sweden) Mascaras, three huge Mexican guys with a crazy super high energy drummer, who played the psychedelic surf punk with a prog edge and a hot pink drum kit too! The Ex, Lightning Bolt, Lydia Loveless,  friends and Montrealers Year of Glad (great band) and Avec le  Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche, and was treated to a rare show by punk legends Television, among others were some of the best bands, and the energy in that town was wild during these amazing days with people just roaming the streets of downtown Calgary from venue to venue and bar to bar.

Today I am kind suffering though, got some kind of back issues, not very rock n roll I know. I think it has to do with the fact I drove to a festival last week near Moncton, called Messtival. The fest and show I played were great, a perfect mix of hippy turned raver fest with lots of cool psychedelic and electronic music the likes of Les Paeins, Durians, some cool reggae by Papa Ya and FM Hi low among others. I mainly hung out with awesome hip hoppin dancing queen Xania and the bubble wizard, giving random people free hugs (yes…the hippy love was a flowin’ at this camping fest) of about 500 people even though it was the “lamest event in town” (although the fest was awesome, everyone is supposed to say how shit it it). It was hidden away on 130 acres of beautiful forested land the called mustache county and loserville. Everyone was super cool and the music and activities were awesome. I had a great time.


Now looking into the fall I’ve got a few shows lined and lots of exciting things for both the JCEX and the One Man Band Festival, including some shows in Iceland at Icelandic Airwaves so here we go..

Thursday September 17th @ Pop Montreal (One Man Band Festival Showcase Featuring B.A Johnston, Xania and more) 

Saturday September 19 @ Pop Montreal (Quai Des Brumes) w/Dear Denizen
Friday September 11 @ Let Tremplin – Sherbrooke, Qc (W/Couteau Papillon)
Friday September 18 @ Le Sous Sol du Cercle Quebec, Qc (W/Couteau Papillon)
Friday October 3rd @ Le Zaricot, Qc (W/Couteau Papillon)

November 5th @ Icelandic Airwaves – Lucky Records (Reykjavik, Iceland)

November 6th @ Icelandic Airwaves – The Northern Lights Center (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Pop poster Low ResOur one man band fest event we are putting on at this years pop Montreal which will include BA Johnston, Xania, Mark Mills and Jonah Haché should be a sweet party of a time. All you one man and woman bands out there should keep your ears to the ground for submission news coming up in september! check the One Man Band Festival website constantly (like once every 17 minutes)..

I am still working on finishing up the instrumental album I’ve been promising you but it is taking a tad longer than expected. Should have something ready by end of September. October should be looking atmore recording as well as a few shows in November for Icelandic airwaves in Reykjavik, in December a UK tour and a possible tour in January with Wax Mannequin. More details to come soon! Currently I am working on demos with the band for the upcoming full length, which should be out sometime 2016. So much to do, so little time!

Stay cool but also stay hot!

Love from the Cohen Brother…