Neil Young…

I made the decision last month to stop engaging anything having to do with the media in US politics. Instead, I decided I would just get involved wherever I could on a local or grassroots level. I think it’s been a month now but it certainly feels like a drug, like my wife says, it’s like watching a car crash…you can’t avert your eyes.  But I tell you it’s the healthiest thing I ever did. In fact I was inspired after reading this post from Arianna Huffington, it’s amazing. Now the US has to carry the weight on their shoulders of a deranged maniac and hope it doesn’t turn extremely ugly.

Me…I’m  fresh back from the UK winter 2017 tour and totally refreshed. I combined a few shows with a lovely trip to the UK to visit Lisa’s family and friends and then to Ibiza to hang with Master of Spontaneity DJ Pfuzzle at his mansion (Finca) and Studio on the famed island that is part DJ trashy part incubator for all things great in the world of electronic music. (no i did not go to any foam fact, February is off season so no douches on the island, just locals and nice weather, He did introduce me to some awesome electronic instruments including one I’m now hooked on and definitely going to get, the Artiphon.

For the UK shows, it was my first time playing with a pickup band in the UK, called High Climbers (Karim, Julien and Mike, from Toulouse, and Australia, all living in Bristol). Truly a swell bunch of dudes and they rocked the new tunes. Special shout out to Roll for the Soul in Bristol for an unforgettable night.

Some band news, we just completed our 5th full-length record in January. The new album, is aptly entitled Zen & Motorcycles, and was recorded by Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn (Kathleen Edwards, Julie Doiron, Jim Bryson) and mastered by Jett Galindo at the Bakery (Green Day, Neil Young, Sam Roberts, etc).

We think it’s pretty radical and features the most awesome musicianship of Phil Lachance on Keys,  his band Couteau Papilllon is releasing some great new music which you can check out here … The on drums is Dan kiely (who has an awesome band with his brother called Ewok Folk Sessions, they just made a sweet record)  and André Bendahan bass player, videographer , dad in waiting and man about town extraordinaire on bass, myself on vox and guitars of course! Our release date is slated for August and we are planning a cross country tour playing festivals across the country like this one.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the UK tour, hope you enjoy  2017 dates on their way! Got to play some rad shows, go to Sicily on a late honeymoon, hang with friends and play electronic music on Ibiza and just chill by the beach with Christophe aka Pfuzzle.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming release in august, cross-Canada tour and new video, all in 2017. shows shows shows! we’re still alive and kicking, even though we got the weight of the world on our shoulders.